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The Laser & Cosmetic Surgery Center of Houston brings together minimally invasive surgery with laser, light and energy treatments for restorative and preventative skin care for the face and body. These treatments, alone or in combination, are used to dramatically effect skin damaged by sun, environment and gravity, including lines, wrinkles, rosacea, unwanted pigmentation and loss of facial fullness as a result of the natural aging process.

One of the key advantages to the facility is Dr. Bogle’s role in the scientific advancement of lasers and cosmetic medicine. She has worked closely with numerous laser companies to develop new equipment and optimize existing technology for a wide variety of conditions.

The center’s unique mindset believes that youthfulness is not about looking as young as possible, but looking as good as you feel and letting your appearance reflect the vitality and energy from within. It’s also about choices. Invasive plastic surgery with sometimes lengthy recovery times used to be your only option. Now the face and body can be restored to their natural best through non-invasive treatments with exceptional results, extremely short recovery times, and minimal side effects.